My Top Favorite Foundations Highend VS Drugstore Brands..

Hi Beauties…
Today’s post will be short & sweet but it will be a very informative one as always..
I am going to just quickly do a rating and review
So let’s get started…

From the high end brands out of Chanel . Dior & Bobbi Brown

#1 choice…

#2 Choice..

#3 Choice..Least favorite

My Drugstore favorite

#1 Choice..

#2 Choice..

And My favorite Night thing to do is use the Advanced night repair from Estee Lauder ..This one is my favorite..I put it on a clean face after my make up is off and then I apply a night moisturizer…you can choose your own night favorite moistrizer or any moisturizer really ..My current one is ..

I hope you enjoyed this…Remember That This is based on how natural I like my make up to that’s how I rated it too due to the most natural looking ones..A good tip is to add a small amount of your favorite foundation if you want it to be more natural and if you want more coverage then obviously you add more..
have a beautiful day Loves..

Some of My Favorite Fashion Items…Xo


Some of my favorite products …

Hi beauties,

I know once again it has been a while since a new post…but literally I have been super busy with my precious baby and Just life itself …I definitely want to recover from my pregnancy & take my focus back again on my passion ..which is blogging, illustrating, crafting, doing my outfit of the day posts & etc.

I had a pretty rough year last year so this year I want to make it better …I started realizing that a lot of the reasons why my year didn’t turn out as good was because I was surrounding myself with toxic people that weren’t good for me..I usually get away from them but this time was a bit different’s about the people that I couldn’t really get  away from because we had mutual  friends and family ..and I still had to face them & feel that negative energy around me..So this year I decided that I will give them no power to bring me down..& that I don’t need to be at the events that they are invited Yes..Avoid them as much as possible..Its very sad to come to a realization that those people have some serious issues that they need to work on and get healed from..and it has nothing to do with me..I have realized that I was putting too much of my energy being kind and giving to people who didn’t even appreciate I definitely have moved on from all that..Forgiveness is your biggest power..God wants to set us free from any kind of anger and you must just let it go..& focus yourself back on things & people who bring you up. any who so that was a short version of what has been going on this past year of yeah I know I said “SHORT” so here are some of my favorite beauty products..I hope you enjoy them & try them cause they are quality !! some of the products might be pricey ,but they are definitely  worth the investment..Xoxo my precious jewels…Love you all lots..& I pray that the lord blesses you guys abundantly  in every way , & for him to set you guys free from whatever strongholds that you might be going through !

Two Top Favorite Mascaras That Give You The False Lashes Effect

Hi Loves,

So Finally I get to post about one of my favorite topics , and that is..fabulous  eyes …So recently  I came across of Too Faced Better Than Sex False Lashes Extreme  Mascara ! This is their new extension kit & I have to give it to them cause it did exactly what they had promised..My lashes instantly went from dull and boring to fabulousness …But since it’s a bit pricey, I thought I’d try the drug store product for those who don’t want to splurge & save some money…& I found the Loreal Double Extend Mascara …So I hope you enjoyed this post & I have put the items down below for you guys to check it out .. give them a try …Let me know how it goes..Xo my beauties… until next time..

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L’Oreal Paris Double Extend Beauty Tube Technology Lash Extension Effect Mascara • L’Oreal • $11.49 TOO FACED Better than false lashes extreme • Too Faced • $29.50 Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Extreme! Instant Lash Extension Kit • Too Faced • $35



My Top Favorite Drugstore Mascaras & Also My Top Favorite Brand Name Mascaras

Hi Loves,

So today’s post is simple, I wanted to share some of my favorite mascaras that I love ! I have four drugstore top favorites, And also four brand name faves. I hope you enjoyed this post , and give these mascaras a try, & let me know how you feel..
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How I get My Summer Glow Without Spending a fortune..

Hi Loves,

So It has been 3 weeks since I have given birth, & I am slowly recovering from my C section…Finally I feel like I am  getting back to being at least semi normal. so that means I can try to do my self tanning again which I am so excited to safer with you guys.. yes I always like to look tan but without the sun because of the harsh damage that can do to my skin and face,   So Even when it’s fall ..I just love to have that  Island/beach tan…So  that’s why I love doing self tanning at home. because it’s convenient  . & I am not sure why, but I just love doing everything myself If I can, such as my own nails, hair , tan & etc. But Once in a while I love to go to a  fancy salon , &  feel like I have earned the treat , & really enjoy it . So what I usually do is , I go to target , which is one of my favorite places  to go believe it or not..I think I even like it more than the Mall lol… I go to the section where they have all of their self tanning products , and I usually get the Loreal brand , unless I want to be spontanous & try something new. But Loreal is one of my favorite drug store products in not just self tanning products but make up as well.. I just love it so much , it is totally quality &  their products work  just like the salon brand , &  second of all it’s totally affordable so that means I can be fabloous in every season , & Look  just as fab  as someone who has paid a higher end  brand & still  save money.  So here are some easy  tips  & steps to achieve the look…

  • exfoliate your whole body & don’t forget to shave
  • hit the shower and cleanse yourself after the exfoliation of the body with soap
  • do your regular shower or bath routine
  • dry your entire body really well
  • now its time to apply an all over lotion to your entire body before using the self tanning product..this helps to smooth out the self tanning product to your body and not look blotchy
  • after you have applied the lotion all over your body , you now can apply the self tanning product , whether its a spray on tan , or a lotion/gel  one , you can always have a small clean cloth handy to smooth out the tan , for it to look more natural and have that  beachy/island glow..
  • So apply the self tan product all over your body and gently apply and smooth it out  on your skin…then you may use the cloth and gently blend it in more ..
  • try getting it in all areas of your body to avoid any missing spot.
  • you may apply this routine 2 to 3 times during the week to build up your tan..the more tan you would like to be , The more  times you apply the self tanning product during out the week to achieve the color you are satisfied with.. Hope you liked this post & let me know how your tan looks after you have done the process..      My Blog Signature

Fall Favorites & More…<3

Hi Loves,
So today I just wanted to do a quick fun post on some of the Items I love for the fall & also some of my favorites that never get old , Like the Kate Spade perfume & Body Lotion, The Louboutin Nude Pumps & The maybelline Make up. Here is the link below on items I absolutely Adore..Xoxo & Happy Thursday Everyone.

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All About The It Bags & Shoes for the Season…

Hi Loves,
So today’s post is pretty simple , yet so much fun …If you like shoes and bags like me, then you will love this post..Here are some of favorite looks for the season…and there is two classic shoes that will never get old …which one of them is the classic black chanel flap bag….which I think every girl needs in her closet..& the other one is the Salvatore Ferragamo black flats…those two items you can wear every season , and It will never go out of style.They are such good quality will last you forever..I have had mine for over 5 years..And I can still wear them ,and pair them with everything that’s either designer , or dress it down with even a casual affordable outfit’s all about mix & matching the high end items with affordable ones..that’s the best way to here are the Items linked below… My Blog Signature

All about papaya benefits….<3

Hi Loves,
I know it has been a while since I have written a blog post, It’s all due to my last days of pregnancy..& I have to tell you all that it’s been the most difficult journey for me, specially towards the ends..But I am almost due..maybe in 3 weeks or so..So i am super excited to meet my little Peanut …haha.If you guys didn’t know I am expecting a boy..So My life has been a bit hectic and hard but it’s going to be so worth it once he is in my arms , And I promise to get back on my blogging more often and write about things that can empower you & educate you to be better . I also want to address that I don’t just write a blog post, As many bloggers , I have to be inspired & motivated to write something I am passionate about , And also a content that can be beneficial to all my readers. The whole purpose of this blog is to inspire , encourage , And motivate my readers to become better , & also learn something new. So anyhow lets get to the real deal now..I want to talk about the benefits of the fruit Papaya…I don’t know about you but I love’s so yummy to has this cool feeling when you take it out of fridge, & not to mention all the great benefits that it has to offer our bodies. So let’s get to it.

Papaya its a superfood

Many ask , What is superfood anyway? well superfoods contain a lot of vitamins, minerals , and disease fighting nutirients.

Papaya Benefits.

1.Papaya it’s packed with Vitamin C & B.

2.It also contains Vitamin A & E , Which protect the body against Colon cancer & Heart disease.

3.It’s great for weight loss. If you are struggling to lose weight, then papaya should become your best friend in your diet. It makes you feel full & satisfied, while controlling your cravings. (Give me some of that now please )

4.Its great for digestive health.

5. It helps to reduce stress.

6.Its a great source for your skin , & It reduces aging. It also has been known to treat skin disorders such as eczema which I suffer personally , psoriasis, wounds, sores ,& Ulcers.

7. It treats inflammation of the body & It also boosts up your immune system.

So here were some fun facts about why you should add papaya to your daily diet. If you are interested on how to eat papaya in fun ways then keep reading …

Papaya smoothie

1.Mix chopped papaya with seeds or without seeds, Even the seeds have great benefits , a good source against fighting cancer but it has a bitter taste so it’s your choice, Add Honey, This will mask the bitter taste of seeds if you are interested, Banana , little bit of fresh oats , Some ice cubes , & add soy milk, Almond milk or any kind of milk you enjoy..Mix well & Enjoy.

2. Papaya with dates & honey…

Chop papaya without seeds , add dates and put honey all over it..It’s so yummy ..I just had that this morning 🙂

3. Papaya Salad

add lettuce , chopped avocados , papaya & some cilantro , and tada …

So hopefully you all enjoyed this informative post about papaya & it’s benefits as much as I did.. Happy Friday Loves. , Enjoy your weekend & I will be in touch soon ..My Blog Signature


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How To Find True Happiness & Inner Peace…

Hi Loves,
So today I want to write about on Happiness..We all want it, it’s something people strive to have, yet struggle to keep…So what is true happiness exactly? how does one find that? can something truly be happy , despite all the struggles and real life situations , that bring us down? The answer is …Yes…but it’s like an outfit that you must wear everyday ,Sometimes we go through a lot in our lives ,And it’s hard to be truly happy..These are some of my top tips through my own experiences that makes me happy…I hope you can use the same concept , and work on your happiness…Xoxo..

1. Focus On yourself ( Do what makes you happy) for example for me ..What makes me happy is doing my hair, make up, wearing a cute outfit that I Had picked for myself, Having a spa day..either at home or going to an actual spa place, getting my hair and nails done at the salon once in a while..eating healthy..getting in better shape..reading and gaining knowledge about things I love..

2.Be Grateful for things you have..everyday thank God, Universe or whatever you believe in about the things that you are grateful for..YOu don’t even have to write it..I usually confess it..Example..Thank you Jesus for my health, Thank you for the day you made today…Thank you that you have created me to experience Life, Thank you that I have two legs that I get to walk on, Thank you that I get to afford this take out today..Anything that you think it’s good..

3. Surrounding myself with Good people that bring my spirit down…
This is one of the most important aspects to my happiness..I need to be around people who are drama free..and people who really love me for me, not judge me..I stay away from any bad vibes, And Energies…I totally believe in Energies..and if you get that gut feeling this person isn’t genuine and doesn’t really feel right in your circle..cut it off…It’s better to be alone than be with bad company..

4.Be Confident in who you are.. Love yourself Unconditionally..At the end of the are your own best friend..if you treat yourself with respect and love, So will others..What does that mean really? ( Stand your ground, If someone bothers you..either confront them , if you really care to have that person around , or just leave them behind you..If someone disrespects you, don’t ignore it..Voice it..Treat yourself like a queen..and you will attract people who will treat you the same way..Basically..I have learned that I don’t need to take people’s crap..and Their bad behavior , And negative Comments shouldn’t affect my day or life. Don’t give them any power… Being confident for me is also things like..dressing nice, fixing my hair. looking good, eating healthy..same as the first point I have mentioned..You have to own yourself..get to know who you are..what do you like? what don’t you like? do more that makes you happy , And change the things that make you unhappy.

5.Finance …Yes the more money you have , the more power..But don’t be money..but also treat yourself once in a while..

6. Giving back to your community , friends , Or family

This is a big one for me..I love being kind to people , And helping someone that needs it..That could be the homeless person that you see..Give him food ..When a friend is in need , And there for them your love and care.. Smile..Open the door for someone..things like that..Even the small things matter and they brighten up my day..


I have to pray…I have to meditate..I have to learn more about God & the Universe..I have been practicing this for years..and I have to say it’s amazing how much I have grown..I have learned about trusting my own intuition, energies, guidance, answers from the Lord, Hearing from angels and seeing Signs that can guide us through our life here on earth, til we make it to Eternal life..

8. Everyday Working to be better …Know that you are your own Competition, And No one else’s.. Don’t compare your life to others..every one has a different path..but that doesn’t mean you can’t admire and work towards those same goals , if you want similar things.

9.Be happy for others..Instead of being Jealous and hating on them..When you are happy for someone genuinely I feel that you are getting blessed through that yourself…(if someone is beautiful..admire them ,instead of hating them, If someone is getting married , Yet you are happy for them and Pray for someone special in your own life, and find ways on how you can meet that one..If someone has a designer bag you have been eyeing..yet you can’t afford it..Save money and put your goals towards then you can have it too..or buy something similar to it but a more affordable brand….

10. Gain Knowledge..Read articles, books , Audio’s etc and work on things that you know you can improve on..Forexample.. How to deal with life crisis..greif , Break up, how to be a better partner, friend..things like that. The more knowledge you have , the better you can deal with life .

So these were some of the things I can think of ! Hope this helped you all

Sadaf Sadighi