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I know it has been a while since I have written a blog post, It’s all due to my last days of pregnancy..& I have to tell you all that it’s been the most difficult journey for me, specially towards the ends..But I am almost due..maybe in 3 weeks or so..So i am super excited to meet my little Peanut …haha.If you guys didn’t know I am expecting a boy..So My life has been a bit hectic and hard but it’s going to be so worth it once he is in my arms , And I promise to get back on my blogging more often and write about things that can empower you & educate you to be better . I also want to address that I don’t just write a blog post, As many bloggers , I have to be inspired & motivated to write something I am passionate about , And also a content that can be beneficial to all my readers. The whole purpose of this blog is to inspire , encourage , And motivate my readers to become better , & also learn something new. So anyhow lets get to the real deal now..I want to talk about the benefits of the fruit Papaya…I don’t know about you but I love’s so yummy to has this cool feeling when you take it out of fridge, & not to mention all the great benefits that it has to offer our bodies. So let’s get to it.

Papaya its a superfood

Many ask , What is superfood anyway? well superfoods contain a lot of vitamins, minerals , and disease fighting nutirients.

Papaya Benefits.

1.Papaya it’s packed with Vitamin C & B.

2.It also contains Vitamin A & E , Which protect the body against Colon cancer & Heart disease.

3.It’s great for weight loss. If you are struggling to lose weight, then papaya should become your best friend in your diet. It makes you feel full & satisfied, while controlling your cravings. (Give me some of that now please )

4.Its great for digestive health.

5. It helps to reduce stress.

6.Its a great source for your skin , & It reduces aging. It also has been known to treat skin disorders such as eczema which I suffer personally , psoriasis, wounds, sores ,& Ulcers.

7. It treats inflammation of the body & It also boosts up your immune system.

So here were some fun facts about why you should add papaya to your daily diet. If you are interested on how to eat papaya in fun ways then keep reading …

Papaya smoothie

1.Mix chopped papaya with seeds or without seeds, Even the seeds have great benefits , a good source against fighting cancer but it has a bitter taste so it’s your choice, Add Honey, This will mask the bitter taste of seeds if you are interested, Banana , little bit of fresh oats , Some ice cubes , & add soy milk, Almond milk or any kind of milk you enjoy..Mix well & Enjoy.

2. Papaya with dates & honey…

Chop papaya without seeds , add dates and put honey all over it..It’s so yummy ..I just had that this morning 🙂

3. Papaya Salad

add lettuce , chopped avocados , papaya & some cilantro , and tada …

So hopefully you all enjoyed this informative post about papaya & it’s benefits as much as I did.. Happy Friday Loves. , Enjoy your weekend & I will be in touch soon ..My Blog Signature


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