All about Sarah Jessica Parker’s Shoes Collection…..

Hi beauties,

Today I would like to talk about Sarah Jessica Parker. First of all I always admired her style and how fab she is and not just on Sex and the city…Which is one of my all time favorite movies. But even off the set..She always managed to be so chic even being casual has always inspired me to work alittle bit better on my wardrobe ¬†and style. And I am so happy to see that she has brought her passion about shoes into life. I love how the shoes are made in Italy..and it looks great and the shoes are not super high heels were you can’t wear them …I love the colors she comes up with and its always so unique. I am definitely going to save my money for investing into some of her fab shoes. they are a bit pricey but so worth it. I also noticed that Amazon fashion brings her shoes sometimes for cheaper than Neiman Check her stuff out and see what you think ..I have put some fun images I have found on my favorite website Pinterest so you guys can see what I mean by her cute sense of style and it definitely shows through the shoes…well have a great day everyone and don’t forget to buy the shoes cause life is just way too short haha…

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