DIY Lip Scrub & It’s Benefits…<3

Hi Loves,
So today I would like to talk about how to make your own Lip scrub at home, And the benefits of doing so…
The benefits…
. It takes away the dead ,chapped, & impurities from your lip skin.
.It also takes away any lip color stains and chemicals from your lipsticks , & lip glosses, balms ,etc. This helps for your lips to be refreshed.
.the ingredients used in this DIY , will make your lips soft ,& moisturized .

How To make your own DIY Lip Scrub…

Personally I like to make my own , just because I know exactly what I have put in my lip scrub , And also because It’s fun and I just love DIYS…

So Lets get to it…There are so many different kinds of lip scrubs , And different ingredients that you may use ,But I am just going to show you a simple one that you are most likely have in your own Pantry closet…<3 DIY How To /What You Will Need A little Lip Jar , or a bowl ..( I prefer a lip Jar , it looks more like a store brand except it's handmade by your fab self) Coconut Oil Brown Sugar or Sugar..(I prefer Brown Sugar) Mix them all & ta-da you are done. Put the substance that you had just made into your the Lip jar or whatever you want to put it in. I like to put mine in the fridge for 30 min to an hour first , so It's cool and It's ready to be used on my fab lips..You can skip this step if you like..It's just my preference. How To Use It After you have mixed everything (well blend) you may gently put it on your lips & scrub ...then you may wash or wipe off with a paper towel... Don't forget to share your experience with me..and let me know all about the results ..On My Instagram Account : Speakingstyle7 Xoxo Sadaf Sadighi The lip image was found on Pinterest...<34146a584d2d90939ab86ad54715737d7

Top Reasons of why you need to stay away from toxic people!

Hello lovlies,
So today I would like to talk about , Toxic people just like I had promised I would. The reason why I picked this topic is because it has been a very crucial lesson in my life over the years. I don’t know about you but I have always had someone in my circle that would really get me angry or their presence was always just so negative . wether it was family or friends. Over the seasons of my life, I always found those who tried to bring my spirit down or try to intentionally hurt me. I always try to respect others and not to hurt anyone’s feelings because It’s just not who I am. I am not a vicious individual . If I don’t like you ..It’s simple I cut off all connections and that even means sometimes blocking you and deleting on all my social medias as well. Sometimes I don’t even have to not like you , If I even feel hurt by you , Then I will take it in a deeper level , because at the end of the day , I only have a really brief short life here on earth and I do not need any negative energy around me. I love to live my life with people who really bring the best out of me and for me to be able to do the same. I am not the type of person that can just be in a circle of friends or family , and mingle with the negative..Sorry it’s just not going to happen. I rather be alone sipping on my coffee or have a little beach date by myself. I have been at social gatherings where I had been very open of meeting new people , and creating positive friendships, but unfortunately you can’t make everyone like you. There had been a few incidents where I could feel a really bad energy just coming at me across the room, and I don’t know about you all, But I am all about energies and I am a very spiritual soul , who has meditated for years , So I can definitely sense a positive energy and a bad one real quick. We all have that intuition within us but some have it more strong than others because either that’s their natural gift , or they have meditated enough , read books about body language , things people say & etc. (You Get me ) any who for years I used to get sad and cry about why is this person so mean to me or is trying to hurt me , and I used to still try to associate myself with them because I was young and I guess I didn’t know any better. Til as I grew older, I grew thicker skin and I started to protect my heart and speak my mind and do things that made me happy, instead of getting walked over and be around the toxics. I used to think there was things wrong with me but As I have gotten older I have realized that, You can’t know what someone is thinking of you, nor what those people’s issues and insecurities are, Or why they are doing the things that they are doing. and that it has noting to do with you , but to do with them and their state of being. You can either try to squash it like an adult or simply if you really don’t care as much , just walk away…I have also realized that I don’t need to explain myself to anyone nor am I obligated to do so. If I simply don’t want to communicate something or give any kind of reasoning unless it’s really necessary then I can just leave it as that. Ok so this became a really long blog and I really need to cut it short so you can all get an overall benefit of why you need to stay away and do what makes you happy. So let’s get to them.

#1 Toxic people are bad for your soul and well being.

#2 Hanging out with Toxic people will only bring your spirit down , and make you to be in a bad mood .

#3 you will always have drama and have petty conversations with the toxics. sorry but my life is way more valuable than being around that…

#4 when you are really happy , they try to dull it, because Misery loves company..and you are their target.

#5 Some energies just don’t connect..a good energy which means a positive and a good hearted person can never connect with the you ever wonder why evil people get along so well and become a positive unit? haha because negative and negative make positive…Like a math formula…Basically Similar spirits hang out together.

#6 Toxic people are usually really unhappy with their lives, or they just can’t truly be happy for someone else’s happiness , and that they are jealous either of you or of what you have going for yourself . Or I really have No Idea…haha (Basically They have issues) Stay away !!

#7 Sometimes Toxic people are just simply that..TOXIC because that’s all they have been all their lives. So please do yourselves a good favor and stay will gain a lot and lose Nothing. Ignorance Is also a bliss..keep on rising and do what makes you happy and keep growing and elevating , and I think ultimately those are the best revenge in life.

Well hope this helped you all Lovelies..Xoxo…

Sadaf Sadighi


Who Knew?

Hi Loves,
So today I want to let you know about all the great benefits of Dead Sea Salt! As most of you know..I have talked about in my previous blog posts about how I have had to deal with Eczema , which is a skin condition due to allergies, and it’s not contagious ! but if it gets infected , then it may be..any who I have had eczema all my life , and it’s a very horrible thing to have. Anyone who deals with it knows what I am talking about.I sometimes have to go to my Dermatologist to get severe healing through Eczema creams ,and even shots. Eczema is definitely not fun. It itches and it gets really red , and if not treated it keeps getting bigger..sometimes it goes away but usually comes back , specially during winter , where it’s really cold, and Summer time…at least those are the seasons that I get it the most. So recently I have had to deal with Eczema again..and its on my left foot…and its very irritated and it had flared up even more for some reason. So yesterday while I was going to take a shower, I noticed that I had made this hand crafted Dead SEA Salt Bath, And something just told me that I Should soak it and try to put my feet in to see if the eczema gets better. And shockingly it then I went on a deeper research on Dead Sea Salt Bath benefits..and here is what I have discovered , and I would like to share them with you…

1.Its great for treating most skin disorders, such as Acne,psoriasis, scabies, and etc.

2.Skin Allergies such as Itching, hives, sores, & rashes.

3.Skin aging : If you want to look younger and prevent aging then put on the mask of Dead sea salt, and it will better your skin naturally. No botox needed you guys ūüôā

4. Cellulites : Now we all hate those..and who knew that if you soak your body into the dead sea salt can improve your Cellulites and also prevent it from happening …Wow that’s what I want to hear..

5.Stress : If you have a lot of stress going on , then please take dead sea salt baths..not only it helps with your stress, but it also relieves you from headache ,irritability , depression & muscle aches.

6.Hair Loss : If you are going through hair loss then put some dead sea salt on your scalp and it improves the circulation and stimulation of hair regrowth.

So I am glad I got to learn all the benefits of this amazing product..because I never thought too deep about it..Hope you all have learned something great Just as Much as I have..Til Next Time..
Sadaf Sadighi

Why you should add more Nuts to your diet…

Hi Loves,
Today I like to talk about some of the reasons of why you should eat healthier , and adding Nuts to your diet. Not only do they taste great & are good snacks, But they are also full of Omega 3 fatty acids.They are also rich in Vitamin E , that helps you with having better skin.Nuts can protect your from Heart disease. Nuts also have fiber in them , which means they keep you full, so you don’t have to eat as much.Nuts are amazing for your skin, hair, & nails as well. So here are some of my favorite Nuts ..

1. Raw Cashew : Filled with Iron & Zinc , great for brain power , & it can improve your memory . (Protects against age related memory loss). So yummy.

2. Raw or Natural Almonds : Rich in Vitamin E, Magnesium , & filled with Antioxidants

3. Raw or Natural Walnuts : Great source of brain power booster. Wonderful for your skin . Filled with Omega 3 & Omega 6 Vitamins. Great for those who have type 2 Diabetes.( It can improve their health )

4. Raw or Natural Hazelnut : Filled with Vitamin B, Great for your heart, & filled with manganese & copper . Which Manganese is for bone formation & Copper is needed for Iron.

These were just some of their great benefits , & I usually stick with “Raw or Natural” because it is way healthier , and I don’t want salt or any other flavors added. They all taste great though But Raw and natural is the best and safest to go , If you are really serious about a good diet plan.

Hope this blog post was interesting & informative to you .

Until Next Time…

Xoxo…Sadaf Sadighi

How To Achieve a bright smile at home …

Hi Loves so today I want to talk about how to to achieve white pearly teeth at home. We all know that it gets to be a little bit of a hassle to go to the doctor to get your teeth whitened , and not to mention it can cost you a bit of money…If you are like me..I like doing everything myself , not only to save money but I just enjoy doing things myself naturally . I am a total follower of being healthy inside and out with what nature has to offer. So let’s get right to it…
here are the 3 things you need to get an amazing bright smile…This was mentioned on Dr. Oz’s Show…<3 1. 1/4 of Baking Soda 2. half a Lemon 3.Lemon Juice Mix them into a bowl, and gently apply with either cotton balls or your fingers all over your teeth ! Leave no longer than a minute or two and then gently brush like you normally do...<3 Hope this Helped.. Xoxo <3 Sadaf Sadighi p.s. Send me pictures of your results via instagram , Direct message ! I love to see how it turns out..Xoxo lovelies.

It’s all about those lips …Xoxo…

Hi Loves,

So today I would¬†like to talk to you guys about some of my favorite brands of lipsticks, & One particular Lip Gloss that I¬†absolutely ¬†adore. There is nothing¬†like a ¬†good looking lipstick¬†depending ¬†on your mood that day that¬†will bring out the best in you.¬†Whether you are going to be¬†casual and going for a soft¬†pink ¬†or ¬†a nude color , or you are going to be a little bit daring and wear a dark velvet red lipstick , or a dark plum…Whatever the case\may be., Lips are super important to your daily look. You¬†always want to look polished and pretty..and yes¬†that’s not the first time you have ever heard that..but I am¬†going to say it again…you want to look fab at all times…Imagine you are going to starbucks and you run into your friend that you¬†haven’t seen in a while…or better yet your worst enemy…Hahaha¬†don’t you want them to see you at your best ,and be wowed out..yes even your enemy will be more angry that ever ūüôā so just a note to self .. Always put on a good lipstick..and go about¬†your fab day…! So here are some of my favorite brands…Bobbie brown , Chanel, Dior, M.A.C, Nars, & YSL. And as I mentioned there is only one¬†particular clear ¬†lip gloss that I love and I put it on religiously, ¬†& that is ¬†kiehl’s ¬†!! it’s so glossy and it has ¬†a super light feel to it ,& which I LOVE…because I hate feeling like I got dabs and dabs of heavy lipgloss feel on my lips..Any who I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did…Xoxo…you can¬†also shop the look ! ¬†I have put the link down below Xoxo….Enjoy Loves…

Sadaf Sadighi


Top 5 easy ways To Take Off Waterproof Mascara!

Hi loves,
So today I would like to talk about 5 easy ways to remove waterproof mascara…I don’t know about you but I try to stay away from waterproof mascaras, because they are really harsh on your eyes and on your lashes ,& you can also loose a lot of your lashes . The reason why I got inspired to write this post was because I had gone to Target & I got myself the Maybelline mascara ,….> 68623358b8303993fc7350d831875e05This was the one I bought ,but I didn’t notice that I had accidentally gotten the waterproof kind instead. I have to say I really love this mascara works really good..but Since it’s waterproof It really makes me not want to use it because my lashes fall every time I use it, And since I never use waterproof mascara I wasn’t really sure how I need to be taking it off without being so harsh on my eyes and lashes. So I went on a research mode and Found some tips and easy ways on how you can take it off !

1. Coconut Oil-Dab Coconut Oil onto a cotton ball and gently wipe away the Make up. Not only it takes seconds to take it off but Coconut oil nourishes the delicate skin around the eye and it also helps and prevents the look of wrinkles & it also helps with eye lash growth.

2.Baby Oil -It cuts through the waterproof formula without any kind of irritation.

3.Caster Oil-Not only it takes off all that harsh is also a wonderful oil for prevention of eyelash loss and it actually makes your eyelashes grow longer, thicker and more beautiful. Put a bit of it on your lashes and rub gently like a little Eyelash mask and go to bed with it..This will nourishes your lashes and makes your lashes fuller over time..

4.Cold Cream- Easy way to take off your waterproof mascara .

5.Olive Oil- Fast & easy..and Olive oil also has the same benefits for eyelash growth.

Hope this Helped Xoxo
Sadaf Sadighi

Why you should invest in a good quality bag…

Hi Loves,
Today I am going to be talking about on why it’s so important for you to invest in a good quality bag…
Most of us girls love hand bags…whether they are “Designer” or not . Something about a pretty bag that makes a girl smile big.She ends up envisioning herself with every cute outfits that she owns and how “her favorite bag” matches with them. haha or is it just me? I don’t know about you but I have always loved playing dress up , and having a beautiful bag was part of the picture…I first got my designer bag from Neiman Marcus & I was in my early 20’s. I never forget, walking to the hand bag department, and just being in Awe on how amazing and beautiful these bags looked. I ended up purchasing a beautiful Burberry Speedy bag..which literally lasted me a lifetime..Finally I ended up selling it at a consignment store not too long ago…Here is the Image of it…burberry-speedy.gif So now this whole Blog post goes back to the real subject of why I think it’s so essential for you to buy a good quality bag…And Trust me it doesn’t necessary mean that it has to be designer to be good quality..But In most cases..Designer bags are the ones that last for a very long time. Yes it costs more..hec a whole lot more ..but they are very sturdy , & they are beautifully made with a lot of detail input & lets face it…you stand out in the crowd carrying a fabulous bag that you could wear over and over again and it will not be out of style for a very long time…3 Top tips of things you need to be looking at if you are going to invest in a designer bag , because they cost some serious money…

#1 Make sure you know exactly what you want & make sure everything that you carry will fit in the handbag. you do not want to spend 1000’s of dollars on a bag that barely “anything fits” unless its for a special occasion like a wedding , date night kind of bags that are smaller…

#2 Make sure this bag isn’t just a seasonal bag that might go out of style by the next 4 months or so..Unless its a really beautiful bag that you absolutely know that you won’t regret buying. Example a seasonal lv bag that has cherries on it..Yes it’s cute but…Can you wear this long term? or a bag that has an odd color that won’t really match with a lot of things…

#3 Is it worth paying full price on this item ? or can you find it vintage on eBay or other sites similar to it ? Yes buying it at a department store costs a whole lot more than if you found the same Item vintage or barely used on other sites…and that means it might limit you from buying a few more bags unless you are filthy rich and can afford it. but in most cases not all of us are that fortunate…

so basically makes sure the hand bag is worth your money , and investment & do not just splurge…really think about everything before you make that kind of decision . I hope this topic helped …

and here are some of my favorite bags at the moment …& if you want to shop the look…XOxo
Sadaf Sadighi

Ways To Deal With Distress ….Xoxo…

Hi Loves,
here are some ways to deal with distress during a hard day or times…It is very essential that you take a little bit of time for yourself ,And try to have your own “Me Time” and space in order for you to be spiritually & physically healthy. Stress is the number one cause of all sorts of diseases. Stress also makes you angry and bitter , & can have a total affect of not just your overall health but those around you & your relationships. So what better to prevent it from getting worse, & try to distress instead…So here are some useful tools on how to make your life a bit easier even when we go through those tough times…

1.Try to do something nice for yourself..whether you like you to go have coffee or take your dog out to a park …do something that makes you feel good…

2.Try to dress even nicer than usual..Yes when you take care of your appearance , it automatically makes you feel better…I know when I am depressed..I don’t want to do anything or even get out of bed…but guess what ? I force myself out of bed..and I fix myself up..and I feel so much better that I did…Don’t let daily battles of life defeat you…Remember that the power is within yourself..No One can make you happy or make you feel better..Except your own effort…

3.Count your blessings….yes have a little journal of Gratitude…and write at least 7 things that you are grateful for ( It will always be way more on your list)…believe me once you start counting your blessings will start appreciating even the situation you are in..cause it can be so much worse…

4. Get plenty of Sleep…if you work or have things to do..try to still get much rest…Sleep is helps you to recover and feel calm…A well rested individual can work & think more effectively and you will be able to feel more collected..even in the hard times…

5. Eat healthy..Yes..when we are down it’s nice to just grab anything and everything and put it in our mouth..and it might even feel good for that one hour but then the regret will come…so avoid lots of sugary and junk food and go for veggies and fruits.., Lots of water and overall a better healthy choice of food…This will help you trust me.

6. Exercise ….Yes…you better believe that it makes you feel tons better…and no its not just for your body to look good but it makes you feel so good spiritually.. do something fun..the best and easy thing to do is do some stretches..and go for a walk..even if it means 15 min..Do something though…Be active..

7.Meditate..Yes I totally believe in meditation…whatever your sets of beliefs are…try to do some sorts of meditation..whether that is praying To a higher power, or listening to Relaxing Music..I usually do both…I just youtube Sea relaxing music and I go on my bed and try to just think of nothing and rest my eyes and listen to the sound of waves… you can also try to go to the beach and lay out which is way more calming . but if you can’t then that’s the closest thing to do..I am also a big fan of nature..I don’t like the gym I try to walk and go to the park and sit down on a bench and just enjoy the Presence of God and his beautiful creations such as flowers, trees, the birds and etc…

So hopefully those were some fun tips for you to achieve a healthier and happier life..and remember that this tough time is only temporary ! it’s not going to be like that forever..and if you don’t like something , then change it…! Know that This world isn’t perfect and bad situations come and go ..but I totally believe that the God or the universe ( or whatever your beliefs are about this life ) wants to teach us something…there is a reason for your struggle try to just stay positive and never give up..You are an over comer..(The power is within you) .

Sadaf Sadighi 1ebf290b54dbfe6879e1834450ff7696




Tips On How to Decorate & Organize Your Home Office ..Xo…

Hi Loves,
So I am back again with another fun post that inspires me ..& I hope this will also be as helpful as I find it…so here are some fun top tips on how to to decorate and organize your home office .

1.Find your theme…that includes the color theme you are picking out for that particular space…whether it’s neutral, gold ,pretty pinks , or etc.

2.pick out a beautiful vanity desk that speaks your personality with your sense of style.

3.Keep your space light & a peaceful feeling by letting in Natural light . Try to choose colors that are light & soft to bring out that vibe…

4.Accessories for your office are Everything.

Make sure you have the right essentials for your office & make it look tidy by putting things in Jars, cups/containers , & a beautiful tray .
If you are like me, You will always love fresh beautiful flowers that you can put in a beautiful Jar and set it near by or even on your desk . Or you can decorate your desk with your favorite scented candles , frames & etc.

Pick out a beautiful Rug & The right drapes that match.. Try adding a mirror , & patterned cushion for your chair..Little things like these make your Office not only feel roomy but comfortable & enjoyable enough for you to want to be there and get some work done.

5. Create a vision board in your office to always remind you of what your goals are..& what really inspires you & motivates you everyday to reach your dreams..

So here are some fun images of how to decorate…de9e7b2256fe1a26fc03c05fafba72ff



Sadaf Sadighi