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Hi Beauties ,

I am back again , I know It always seems to be a while since I post ..But I am really trying to be consistent , I have had a lot going on in the past few months …Anywho I wanted to  speak to you guys about how you can create your own sense of style…style is definitely a personal thing , but some tips on how you can achieve your best style is to simply follow some of these suggestions…

#1 is choosing comfort….Comfort wins because if you aren’t being comfortable in what you are wearing then you definitely won’t be feeling your best .

#2 Choosing colors and Fits that flatter your skin tones and body shapes….I think everyone can do their little research on that but if you need more info then don’t hesitate to leave me a comment on my instagram so I can go more in depth

#3 Choosing  Simple /Basic pieces that can last you a long time..Such as a basic white T shirt …the simple black dress that never goes out of style..choosing Nudes and pastel colors over busy patterns…But I definitely do love to mix a bit of patterns to my outfits..Such as..I don’t like wearing a full on leapord print outfit but I do love the leopard prints in Jewelry so I can wear the earrings or a bracelet  to have fun with that leopard look.

#4 Quality over quantity …As I have grown older ,I have become more cautious about what brands I spend my money on…Choosing something that’s high quality can save you a lot of money in the long run . For Example..Don’t buy 10 low quality Shoes in different colors over one good High quality shoes.This is of course just an example.But basically meaning You not only save more money in the long run because those ten shoes won’t last you more than a month , but Also you save yourself a lot of room and clutter..after all I love and enjoy being more minimalist  than ever. I hope you feel the same..and This doesn’t also mean that everything has to be Designer and spend thousands of money for it be high quality…I will share more about designers and Why I am more cautious of that as well , But that is a whole different topic…But I Can give you this tip , and that is just make sure you love what you are buying and a hundred percent sure before you spent it…that even means for designer shoes and bags , clothing or even not so expensive.

and Tip #5 is that choose what you feel it’s you , and not because it’s trending…ok Guys thanks so much for reading…

Lots of Love and Good vibes sending your way.

p.s Down below are some pictures I have taken recently . I hope you enjoyed reading this Xo



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