How I get My Summer Glow Without Spending a fortune..

Hi Loves,

So It has been 3 weeks since I have given birth, & I am slowly recovering from my C section…Finally I feel like I am  getting back to being at least semi normal. so that means I can try to do my self tanning again which I am so excited to safer with you guys.. yes I always like to look tan but without the sun because of the harsh damage that can do to my skin and face,   So Even when it’s fall ..I just love to have that  Island/beach tan…So  that’s why I love doing self tanning at home. because it’s convenient  . & I am not sure why, but I just love doing everything myself If I can, such as my own nails, hair , tan & etc. But Once in a while I love to go to a  fancy salon , &  feel like I have earned the treat , & really enjoy it . So what I usually do is , I go to target , which is one of my favorite places  to go believe it or not..I think I even like it more than the Mall lol… I go to the section where they have all of their self tanning products , and I usually get the Loreal brand , unless I want to be spontanous & try something new. But Loreal is one of my favorite drug store products in not just self tanning products but make up as well.. I just love it so much , it is totally quality &  their products work  just like the salon brand , &  second of all it’s totally affordable so that means I can be fabloous in every season , & Look  just as fab  as someone who has paid a higher end  brand & still  save money.  So here are some easy  tips  & steps to achieve the look…

  • exfoliate your whole body & don’t forget to shave
  • hit the shower and cleanse yourself after the exfoliation of the body with soap
  • do your regular shower or bath routine
  • dry your entire body really well
  • now its time to apply an all over lotion to your entire body before using the self tanning product..this helps to smooth out the self tanning product to your body and not look blotchy
  • after you have applied the lotion all over your body , you now can apply the self tanning product , whether its a spray on tan , or a lotion/gel  one , you can always have a small clean cloth handy to smooth out the tan , for it to look more natural and have that  beachy/island glow..
  • So apply the self tan product all over your body and gently apply and smooth it out  on your skin…then you may use the cloth and gently blend it in more ..
  • try getting it in all areas of your body to avoid any missing spot.
  • you may apply this routine 2 to 3 times during the week to build up your tan..the more tan you would like to be , The more  times you apply the self tanning product during out the week to achieve the color you are satisfied with.. Hope you liked this post & let me know how your tan looks after you have done the process..      My Blog Signature

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