How To Find True Happiness & Inner Peace…

Hi Loves,
So today I want to write about on Happiness..We all want it, it’s something people strive to have, yet struggle to keep…So what is true happiness exactly? how does one find that? can something truly be happy , despite all the struggles and real life situations , that bring us down? The answer is …Yes…but it’s like an outfit that you must wear everyday ,Sometimes we go through a lot in our lives ,And it’s hard to be truly happy..These are some of my top tips through my own experiences that makes me happy…I hope you can use the same concept , and work on your happiness…Xoxo..

1. Focus On yourself ( Do what makes you happy) for example for me ..What makes me happy is doing my hair, make up, wearing a cute outfit that I Had picked for myself, Having a spa day..either at home or going to an actual spa place, getting my hair and nails done at the salon once in a while..eating healthy..getting in better shape..reading and gaining knowledge about things I love..

2.Be Grateful for things you have..everyday thank God, Universe or whatever you believe in about the things that you are grateful for..YOu don’t even have to write it..I usually confess it..Example..Thank you Jesus for my health, Thank you for the day you made today…Thank you that you have created me to experience Life, Thank you that I have two legs that I get to walk on, Thank you that I get to afford this take out today..Anything that you think it’s good..

3. Surrounding myself with Good people that bring my spirit down…
This is one of the most important aspects to my happiness..I need to be around people who are drama free..and people who really love me for me, not judge me..I stay away from any bad vibes, And Energies…I totally believe in Energies..and if you get that gut feeling this person isn’t genuine and doesn’t really feel right in your circle..cut it off…It’s better to be alone than be with bad company..

4.Be Confident in who you are.. Love yourself Unconditionally..At the end of the are your own best friend..if you treat yourself with respect and love, So will others..What does that mean really? ( Stand your ground, If someone bothers you..either confront them , if you really care to have that person around , or just leave them behind you..If someone disrespects you, don’t ignore it..Voice it..Treat yourself like a queen..and you will attract people who will treat you the same way..Basically..I have learned that I don’t need to take people’s crap..and Their bad behavior , And negative Comments shouldn’t affect my day or life. Don’t give them any power… Being confident for me is also things like..dressing nice, fixing my hair. looking good, eating healthy..same as the first point I have mentioned..You have to own yourself..get to know who you are..what do you like? what don’t you like? do more that makes you happy , And change the things that make you unhappy.

5.Finance …Yes the more money you have , the more power..But don’t be money..but also treat yourself once in a while..

6. Giving back to your community , friends , Or family

This is a big one for me..I love being kind to people , And helping someone that needs it..That could be the homeless person that you see..Give him food ..When a friend is in need , And there for them your love and care.. Smile..Open the door for someone..things like that..Even the small things matter and they brighten up my day..


I have to pray…I have to meditate..I have to learn more about God & the Universe..I have been practicing this for years..and I have to say it’s amazing how much I have grown..I have learned about trusting my own intuition, energies, guidance, answers from the Lord, Hearing from angels and seeing Signs that can guide us through our life here on earth, til we make it to Eternal life..

8. Everyday Working to be better …Know that you are your own Competition, And No one else’s.. Don’t compare your life to others..every one has a different path..but that doesn’t mean you can’t admire and work towards those same goals , if you want similar things.

9.Be happy for others..Instead of being Jealous and hating on them..When you are happy for someone genuinely I feel that you are getting blessed through that yourself…(if someone is beautiful..admire them ,instead of hating them, If someone is getting married , Yet you are happy for them and Pray for someone special in your own life, and find ways on how you can meet that one..If someone has a designer bag you have been eyeing..yet you can’t afford it..Save money and put your goals towards then you can have it too..or buy something similar to it but a more affordable brand….

10. Gain Knowledge..Read articles, books , Audio’s etc and work on things that you know you can improve on..Forexample.. How to deal with life crisis..greif , Break up, how to be a better partner, friend..things like that. The more knowledge you have , the better you can deal with life .

So these were some of the things I can think of ! Hope this helped you all

Sadaf Sadighi

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