My Top Favorite Foundations Highend VS Drugstore Brands..

Hi Beauties…
Today’s post will be short & sweet but it will be a very informative one as always..
I am going to just quickly do a rating and review
So let’s get started…

From the high end brands out of Chanel . Dior & Bobbi Brown

#1 choice…

#2 Choice..

#3 Choice..Least favorite

My Drugstore favorite

#1 Choice..

#2 Choice..

And My favorite Night thing to do is use the Advanced night repair from Estee Lauder ..This one is my favorite..I put it on a clean face after my make up is off and then I apply a night moisturizer…you can choose your own night favorite moistrizer or any moisturizer really ..My current one is ..

I hope you enjoyed this…Remember That This is based on how natural I like my make up to that’s how I rated it too due to the most natural looking ones..A good tip is to add a small amount of your favorite foundation if you want it to be more natural and if you want more coverage then obviously you add more..
have a beautiful day Loves..

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