Our Words Have Power…

Hi Beauties,

Today I would like to speak to you guys about how powerful our words are ..you create your reality by what you say right at this very moment…As I have studied and read a lot of books such as the secret , law of attraction and even christian books , Including the Holy Bible , They all have one thing in common…and that is ..the power of the mind., which its all about your thoughts , which then leads to what you believe in your heart …and what we speak…so it can be very frightening at first…but you must work on yourself and improve , in order for all of us to grow , we must want to change from within. No one can do it for you..so here are some simple tips in order for you to be a more positive individual , so you can start creating a better life for yourself..and no this world isn’t perfect , and neither are we , and we will go through trials and pains…but it’s really our thoughts , words , and attitudes and along with our actions that can change our lives.

ok so lets get to them…

Tip number one..

Be very careful of what you say..because what you say most of the times  comes from your heart, and you are creating your reality as you you speak even right at this moment.

Tip #2

In the bible there is a verse that says Be quick to Listen , Slow to Speak , And Slow to Anger . James 1:19 . You don’t even have to be a Christian to take a lesson from What God’s word is saying. So Think twice before you speak ….

Tip #3 In Order to master anything , It will take you Time and practice..the more you practice the better you get at it. When you start noticing that in tough situations you aren’t speaking well and you are just being negative …Stop yourself and take a deep breath , Then Repent and say God or whatever you believe in , Confess out of your mouth that you are sorry and that you want your thoughts and words align with God’s will and plan , so you can take better actions. This is what Works for me , so you do what makes you feel better. I believe everyone has a different style of dealing with things but it definitely doesn’t hurt to be open to how other people deal with things.

Tip #4 Start Journaling…This is so important yet I fail most of the time in this department..It’s important that we start journaling our thoughts and feelings on paper , because not only then you have vented out your feelings onto paper but you can also read and study deeper of what is actually bothering you…you can keep the writings , but If i do journal , I write and then read it and rip it all up because I don’t want the negative things I have written to exist…I feel like If something is bothering me and I write it , then read it and realize some factors about my feelings and circumstances , I can better see the issues and try to come up with ways of dealing with it , which usually takes me to google search lol..Thank God for The Internet and what we can access ..we are so much more blessed in this generation , than the decades and decades ago…we have so much access to Knowledge through the power of The internet than we realize. Ok so again for me If I journal which I suggest you do…Read, and try to come up with solutions..whether you access books , internet , or even your family and friends , I then rip it but do what’s good for you.


Tip #5 Learn to Know that if you can’t change something in your life and it’s just a circumstance , then there is really no point of being sad about it and repeating negative words such as My life sucks , I wish I didn’t have to deal with that , or my life is this and etc…you get the point..if you can’t change it.then start focusing on the things you do have and BE THANKFUL. Yes Counting your blessings IS KEY TO A better life…I always Say Thank you Jesus for everything I Do have…I thank God for my eyes , MY legs that I can walk on , my over all health , My Son , My family , My home ..Just everything and anything in between , Then you start to feel good already .


Tip #6

Read as many books that you can. Knowledge is really Power and the more you read , the more you know and the more you know , the more  you are aware of your surroundings and how you can nagivate your life .

Tip #7

Do not Compare yourself and your life , your lifestyle , your looks , your just everything to anyone .You are you , and you are more than enough. You are capable of doing anything you set your mind to. it just takes TIME , Determination and consistency .

Tip #8

Stay away from people who make you feel like you are less than , or that you aren’t good enough , or just don’t make you feel good over all and don’t support your Dreams . Sometimes we can not run away from these people because we might be working with them , or they are just family and friends that we can not avoid , But you can limit your interactions , and Distance yourself. Always remember you are who you hang with .

Tip #9

Creating a positive life , is more than by what we speak , it’s a daily battle , and should be a lifestyle , just like your health , your diet and your body . You need to eat well , work out or be active somehow not just for your body but because of your mind , and you need to be connected to a higher power , which most say Spirit , God , Universe …There is so many words that I could say But being spiritual and mediating is all connected. I will definitely do a blog post about that topic soon , Because It is so crucial and a big part of being a healthy and well balanced Human being.

Ok guys I hope this helped.

I love sharing what I know , I need to also work on myself everyday and become the best version of myself .I am no near perfect and my life has definitely not been a walk in the park , But I have learned to not run away from pain , But to embrace it & instead  help others along the way. After all that is what life gives meaning to so many of us right?

Thanks so much for reading. Until Next Time.

p.s. The Image of this post was found on Pinterest.

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