Why Every Girl Needs The Little Black Dress…

Hi Loves,
So today I want to share to you all , why it’s so essential for every girl to have the right little black dress…
Every girl deserves to feel beautiful & comfortable in her own skin, finding her own style, & what actually makes her smile.. the reason why a black dress it’s so important , is because the right black dress will be worn again and again and again. it’s like a classic Chanel bag that will never go out of style . you can dress it up with some fab pumps or dress it down with some fab flats depending on the occasion you are attending to. the little black dress has been a timeless classic piece of clothing since the 1920’s. Some famous women we love have made such huge and beautiful statements with their little black dress , such as one of my top favorites , Audrey Hepburn in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. So Here are some fun images on how you can find your own style of black dress and wear it over and over again by adding some accessories such as , shoes, Jackets , sweaters, necklaces, & etc. Hope you enjoyed Today’s post as much as I did…Xo Sadaf Sadighi





Best Fruits That Will Make Your Face Glow & Their Benefits…

Hi Loves, 

So today I want to write you all about the benefits of having beautiful glowing skin, Naturally with the times you can find in your own Fridge ! And also some tips on what to do to feel relaxed and be beautiful inside and out, while aging gracefully.. So here are the main #Fruits for you to not only eat but put on your face , that’s right…slice them up in small sizes and put them on your face…or you can also smash them and put them on just like a little mask..whatever you choose easier. 


Bananas, They are  rich in Vitamin A,  B and E. They are great for  an anti-aging . You can put  freshly-mash  bananas mixed with honey to get glowing skin. They are  rich source of fiber, minerals, magnesium&, potassium, which aid proper blood circulation in the body & help with immunity. 


Lemons are high in Vitamin C , which are good for  cleansing the skin that  will also lighten blemishes , acne scars, spots &  it also evens the skin tone. if you drink a glass of warm water better suggested in the mornings  mixed with a dash of  fresh lemon juice adding 1 teaspoon of honey,  will fight cellulite and clears your skin from within. #WhoKnew? 


Oranges are rich source of Vitamin C, and help in improving the skin texture. They remove blemishes & slow down the process of ageing naturally. Put on  orange peels on your face   as a natural home remedy once or twice a week to get clear and glowing skin.

4. Apples

Apples are  high  in antioxidant that  prevent cell and tissue damage,& aging. Apples also  help to minimize wrinkles &  fine lines. Apply one big\ red apple , cutting them and smashing them in to a bowl ,mixed with honey , then gently  dry, and wash off. This is a very good hydrating face mask.


Papayas are  rich source of antioxidants and have an enzyme called papain, papaya can banish skin impurities &  take off dead skin cells .Rub your face gently with the inside of the papaya for about a minute to exfoliate,  this helps to cleanse and soften your skin. 


It’s a great antibacterial that is amazing  for acne. & it’s packed with tons of antioxidants which will help aging slowly but beautifully. Not only it’s great for scars and wounds on your skin but it’s an amazing source for glowing skin. 

So I hope this was a fun & informative post on how to achieve  beautiful skin. Don’t forget to also get tons of rest & always take off your make up at nights and applying a good moisturizer . Xoxo

Sadaf Sadighi

Get Ready Under 20 Min…

Hi Loves,

So today I want to talk to you guys about on how to get ready under 20 min…Sometimes we are just way too busy, rushing out the door but we must always look fab before we do so!! so here are some quick tips & tricks on how to get ready quickly but beautifully..

If you are like me, sometimes I just need to run out the door & get things during that day done…If you are on a rush ..don’t panic..take a quick shower and put your hair in a little bun or braid it…it takes literally 2 seconds..if you have questions on how to do those type of quick hair do’s please check out my Facebook page & you will see tons of videos on how to do your fab hair under 5 min , now we all love  a glowing skin , so what better to put your moisturizer on and then put on a all over self tan and while you are getting ready , it will dry and you can put on your clothes after…just make sure you have clean skin …then I would put on some concealer and little bit of mascara , finishing it off with a dab of foundation..and bam..get your clothes ready and don’t forget to put on some fab lipstick and you can also dab some of that on your cheeks  instead of blush…:) I hope this little quick on how to get ready will help you look more beautiful and prepared for those days when you really are on the go I have put the links below on some of my favorite products that you can use to look gorgeous  & fab even on the rush days….Xo..

Sadaf Sadighi



How to get designer bags for less or the looks without spending a fortune …

Hi Loves,

I know it has been way too long that I have posted something that really inspires me on my blog but again , if you haven’t been updated about what has been going on, then I will recap..I have been putting a lot  of my effort on my Facebook page @ www.facebook.com/speakingstyle7 because I am trying to get my name more out there & I think people can find me easier on Facebook  for now..So please check me out there more …Now lets get to the good stuff…I have been meaning to write about this matter for  a very long time..since everyone always asks me, girl where did you get your bag? or always compliment me on how I have the latest trends..well here are some #Tips & #Tricks on how to get the designer bags or even similar version of them if you don’t want to splurge or don’t have that kind of money…<3

I found this great website called..rent the runway which basically you pay a monthly fee of I Believe $139 dollars and you can get the latest trends of things..not just bags but even clothes..such as the hottest brands like #ToryBurch #RebeccaMinkoff #KateSpade & many more fab designers..

I used to always pay a fortune for my bags  full price at a department store and such , which is still a great choice if you are going more for a classic bag that never gets out of style and you know you will keep forever… but When it got to me to sell my items , people wouldn’t even want to buy it half price of what I paid for , and even when I would take it to the consignment  store , they would want to just buy it from me very cheap and sell it themselves for high price..so It was definitely an eye opener that I was just basically  throwing my money away and not getting the best deal out ! so very soon I started doing my research  on how I could still get my fab bags without  spending so much money..and here is what I found…

Ebay…Buy Vintage or second hand for way cheaper price…sometimes they are gently or barely used…

Consignment stores: They are still cheaper than paying full price …

Getting  the designer bags when they go on sale during #Christmas 

Palm Spring Outlet..I would always go there and buy bags and shoes 2 or 3 of them for a price of One …#ChaChing haha

If I really don’t want to spend even those then I will go to #Zara , #Forever21 , #Amazon , #Jcrew ,#BananaRepublic , and Find a similar look of the bag I want..and I would only pay max a $150 but I have found bags that looked like #Valentino form #Forever21 for only $30 so these are my tips and tricks for being fabulous  ,  I will also link the websites below ..Now If you enjoyed this post and Like my blog please  be sure to go to my fb page and click Like…greatly appreciate it..and thats all for tonight Folks..Love you all Xo 

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How To Stand Out In The Crowd…Xoxo…<3

Hello Loves..So it has definitely been a while since I have posted on here but that’s only because I have been very much active on my Facebook page which I will link below for you all to check it out as well…So today I would like to talk about how essential it is for all of you to work with accessories to bring out the best style , and stand out in the crowd by being the fab you…Some of these accessories are unique pieces such as scarfs, cuffs,bracelets and lots of fun necklaces, jewelry,brooches,pins  & lets not forget about hats and of course  ladies..shoes & handbags.. so here are a few fun Sunday inspirations of how to be fab…Images are from the best site in the world which I love very much #Pinterest…Enjoy Xoxo…

P.S. My Facebook website link is www.facebook.com/speakingstyle7 that one I am on almost 24/7 🙂

Sadaf Sadighi


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Valentines Day Is Just Around The Corner..#WhatToWear??

Hi My Beautifuls…

So today’s topic as I had promised is, What to wear for Valentine’s Day? Well I have some fab few tips and tricks for you all to use and hopefully , you will all pick the perfect and right outfit for yourselves…

I don’t know about you guys but I  don’t really like wearing all red for Valentines day..That’s just too #Typical & need to say ehem…#BOOOOOORING so I still love the color red but I like to miss and match the red color with pink…soft pastel pink or hot pink for being a little bit daring..I got my nails done red…but I am definitely wanting to wear a pink dress..and my fab red pumps..and guess what? I haven’t even had  the time to pick out an outfit..so I usually order things online because its just way more convenient but since Its a bit too late and the two day delivery might not even happen, I might have to run to the mall like some of the gals that procrastinated… Lets look at some fab fun images Of what I think it’s sexy, and elegant…Hope these images help you find your style..but remember more importantly is for you to feel comfortable in your own skin and feel beautiful..and Valentines day is definitely not just for lovers , but it’s for everyone who wants to celebrate love, with their loved ones..so don’t feel sad if you are single..be happy and just do you..Be fab and gorg and make a date with your girlfriends , your family or a random hot date..lol the whole point is to have fun on this day..XOxo and much Love to all my beauties..

Xoxo..Sadaf Sadighi


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The Right “It Bag” For You <3

Hello Loves,

I am back again with a new post on  how to find the right “It bag” as I promised to do so last week. So if you are like me & love & lust over beautiful handbags , then this is definitely  the time to read what I have to talk about…there is always so  many choices and so many wonderful and beautiful designer bags that a girl must have..but how  do we choose the right hand bag? and how much are we willing to invest? well you are in the right place cause I am about to break it down easy…<3

Why designer bags are just so much more fun than a regular handbag? haha because they look and feel better..and have way better lasting quality..since they make them with high quality materials such as high quality leather, the stiching & etc… now you must always ask yourself this question? what do I want ? be specific…then go to question 2, which is ..what am I using this bag for? Is it going to be for a everyday wear? Do I want something casual? Do I want to be trendy? classy? something I wear occasionally? these type of questions..then you will be easier to pick out what you really want & need so there won’t be no regrets or returns later..

Now every girl should have the classic item bag which in this  case I highly suggest the classic black Chanel flap bag…every girl needs to invest in one ..Just because it’s too fab not to..lol What I love about the classic black Chanel flap bag is that it’s pretty roomy…you get to look very classy and chic at the same time without much effort..

If you are more of a trendier side….and already got the classic favorite bag of yours , then the it 2015 bag that’s trendy yet safe..is the Drew Nano Chloe bag Crossbody …although I have to say I have this bag & it’s so gorgeous & I have it in nude..its def not much of a comfortable bag…I am not super excited because  I am just kind of awkward with it..I only want to take it out on occasions because I still love the way it looks but I def don’t feel like I can take my stuff out of the bag very comfortably on a daily basis..So I just go out with it when I know I am not going to be taking out much of my stuff…<3 But it’s still a very beautiful and trendy bag..& Maybe it’s just me that’s “Awkward with it” Please let me know how you guys feel about this bag on my Instagram page which is called Speakingstyle7 I would love to hear your feed backs..& Lastly but not least is having the Bag No one dares to have…This I absolutely love…because I don’t always want to be having a bag that everyone carries..it gets old  and boring..and I want to be amazingly daring & Rock that bag that no one dares to get , yet it’s so beautiful and gorgeous…So for that being said I would def choose the beautiful Louis Vuitton handbag that was worn by the fashion Icon beauty Miroslava Duma …It’s daring , Gorgeous & hasn’t been worn by that many so it’s def a plus…<3 If you guys are also interested in knowing on how you can get the similar looks to these beautiful bags without spending a fortune then let me know..& I will write a post about that as well…<3 Have a beautiful Tuesday Lovies… & I hope you guys  enjoyed today’s blog as much as I did…I will post the images to the bags below …Xoxo  Sadaf Sadighi <3

These Images were found on Pinterest..


New Years Resolution …We all have one..;)

Hello Loves,

I am back again & today , I would like to write about how to keep this year’s Resolution…Yes, yes,…we have heard it all before , we make them, then break them, but seriously..how can we stick to things we wish to change about ourselves, or to be better? well that’s actually quite simple…It’s a life style…:) just like diet , excercise , If you want to change it, you better work at it every day and make sure you keep it there…<3  so I am going to share one my biggest new year’s resolution ..& that is…to be 100 percent transparent & real towards people who try to make jabs or any sort of rude comments/behaviors..basically it’s time to “Shut it down” right there & then , instead of ignoring it and pretend like that never really happened…I am not quite sure what people’s problems are..specially “girls” in general..exactly I didn’t say “Women” I said “Girls” because If you are a true “Woman” you would inspire the other ladies around you, and bring their spirits up and empower them , Instead of being jealouse & insecure..and trying to be “Rude” with “not so funny comments” , It’s very evident that people who do those things are just not happy with themselves …It’s time to basically “Shut It Down” lol , and trust me ..you will see a new whole me once I decide to be that..it’s done..So what are your top 3 new years resolution this year? Hope you guys can get inspired by the message of Don’t take my kindness for weakness & stand your ground…Sometimes people also want to ask you a million questions ..which drives me absolutely crazy… so they can gain all the info they want & use it against you later..So…for those reasons ladies..Never give out information about your life, work, love life or whatever the case may be to those that you have to deal with in “Social Circles” because they are there..Sometimes you can’t just simply get away from them but you can know that you don’t have to answer each of their questions , if you don’t feel comfortable or wish not to respond…& Lastly yet not least.. Never ever give anyone the “Power” to make you feel bad or give you bad “Vibe” , Shut it down right there and then but of course  gently and Softly …Destroy them with a smile..and always walk in LOOOOOOVE , Even though it’s sooooo hard sometimes…<3 Love you All..

Cheers… & Til then Xoxo…<3



Here Is a few Ideas On How You Can Add a bit of Leopard To Your Outfit…

Hi Loves,

So It’s def “The Winter ” Season, & I know that we might not all be so crazed up about the cold weather  , but at least we can enjoy the fashion aspects of the season. Yes that’s right, Most of us crave the deep wine red lipstick with our lovely dark plum or black nail polishes, But those are not even as the main fun which is..”The Leopard Print” , I don’t know about you, but I LOooove Leopard print , even though I would never wear an all over dress, at least I haven’t been that daring just yet …So here are a few tips & tricks/ideas on how you can enjoy being fab and wear your leopard print items to add dabs of fun to your fashion style…Enjoy the rest of your day lovelies & I will write to you all next Time..Xo <3

Sadaf Sadighi  


All Pics have been found on my favorite site called Pinterest..Xo <3