Some of my favorite products …

Hi beauties,

I know once again it has been a while since a new post…but literally I have been super busy with my precious baby and Just life itself …I definitely want to recover from my pregnancy & take my focus back again on my passion ..which is blogging, illustrating, crafting, doing my outfit of the day posts & etc.

I had a pretty rough year last year so this year I want to make it better …I started realizing that a lot of the reasons why my year didn’t turn out as good was because I was surrounding myself with toxic people that weren’t good for me..I usually get away from them but this time was a bit different’s about the people that I couldn’t really get  away from because we had mutual  friends and family ..and I still had to face them & feel that negative energy around me..So this year I decided that I will give them no power to bring me down..& that I don’t need to be at the events that they are invited Yes..Avoid them as much as possible..Its very sad to come to a realization that those people have some serious issues that they need to work on and get healed from..and it has nothing to do with me..I have realized that I was putting too much of my energy being kind and giving to people who didn’t even appreciate I definitely have moved on from all that..Forgiveness is your biggest power..God wants to set us free from any kind of anger and you must just let it go..& focus yourself back on things & people who bring you up. any who so that was a short version of what has been going on this past year of yeah I know I said “SHORT” so here are some of my favorite beauty products..I hope you enjoy them & try them cause they are quality !! some of the products might be pricey ,but they are definitely  worth the investment..Xoxo my precious jewels…Love you all lots..& I pray that the lord blesses you guys abundantly  in every way , & for him to set you guys free from whatever strongholds that you might be going through !

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