Some ways to be more positive…

Hi loves ,

So I have come up with a list of some ideas of how to stay happy and positive all around..remember its a lifestyle just like your eating habits 🙂

  1. have a journal & write down what you are grateful each day
  2. surround yourself with positive people and people who bring the best out of you. yes sometimes we even have to get rid of family ….distance is a bliss ya’ll.
  3. Work out ..when you look good are going to feel good.
  4. make an effort to look good. Example wear your favorite outfits when you get up each day.
  5. Meditate.
  6. take some time for yourself each day..everyone needs their own “me time “.
  7. Pay it don’t have to do this everyday ,but try to practice kindness to even strangers ..hold the door for someone a cup of coffee at starbucks.. give someone a compliment. basically something nice. I am sure you will feel like a better human being .
  8. Work on your hobbies. whatever they are …or learn to have a new one..for me its my illustrations , blogging and enjoying my cup of coffee at starbucks.
  9. Read a book.                                                                                                                  well I hope this helped…Enjoy your Sunday lovelies.                                                                           Images were found on Pinterest .                                                                        
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