The Truth About Mascaras…

Hello Beauties…

So I have always wondered about my own mascaras cause I have tons and tons of them.. yes i guess you could say I am a bit #MascaraObsessed and I never throw them away and they work just fine…But I always heard of  the 3 months rule…& that is to toss them out because they dry out..well in my case it hasn’t always been true..I have mascaras over a year or two & they work just fine..But make sure to grasp attention to applying the mascaras that you have had for a long time..if they give you a burning sensation  don’t ignore the sing, It’s time to throw it away because even if it feels semi normal its not ..your are risking bacterial infection…But I have a fun tips  in order for you to not feel so bad about your expired mascara… Keep the wand…wash it carefully with light soap and use it as a brow brush..haha I hope that was a little fun tip…& for my fancy mascaras such as Dior..or Chanel I usually keep it as a decor in vanity spot…I will show you on my soon blog post on how to do some make up decor…Love you all and I hope you are stay tuned…. I have also put some of my favorite mascaras down below…High end & Affordable ones..<3


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