Tips On How to Decorate & Organize Your Home Office ..Xo…

Hi Loves,
So I am back again with another fun post that inspires me ..& I hope this will also be as helpful as I find it…so here are some fun top tips on how to to decorate and organize your home office .

1.Find your theme…that includes the color theme you are picking out for that particular space…whether it’s neutral, gold ,pretty pinks , or etc.

2.pick out a beautiful vanity desk that speaks your personality with your sense of style.

3.Keep your space light & a peaceful feeling by letting in Natural light . Try to choose colors that are light & soft to bring out that vibe…

4.Accessories for your office are Everything.

Make sure you have the right essentials for your office & make it look tidy by putting things in Jars, cups/containers , & a beautiful tray .
If you are like me, You will always love fresh beautiful flowers that you can put in a beautiful Jar and set it near by or even on your desk . Or you can decorate your desk with your favorite scented candles , frames & etc.

Pick out a beautiful Rug & The right drapes that match.. Try adding a mirror , & patterned cushion for your chair..Little things like these make your Office not only feel roomy but comfortable & enjoyable enough for you to want to be there and get some work done.

5. Create a vision board in your office to always remind you of what your goals are..& what really inspires you & motivates you everyday to reach your dreams..

So here are some fun images of how to decorate…de9e7b2256fe1a26fc03c05fafba72ff



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