Tips On How To Fully Love Yourself.

Hi Loves ,

So Today I would Like to write you guys about my experience on how to fully love and respect yourself right now…First ….Really try to get a way somewhere alone where it’s only you ….It’s important to take this time so you can really think about your life …What areas would you like to change ? Is it your Health ? Do you want to be more Fit ? Eat more healthy ? Is it to make more income ? or are you not sure about what path you need to be taking as in Career wise ? do you wish to change your relationships and their dynamics ? Whatever the case may be….Jog them down…Then make goals for each …If there are some people in your life that you aren’t very comfortable having around , because they either don’t support your dreams , or they are just toxic and don’t have your best interest at heart then It’s time to really evaluate . It’s important to choose very wisely when it comes  to whom we enter into our lives. It’s time  to create a positive environment for yourself..Yes it might be lonely for now but You are doing the right are clearing up the mess , and allowing for new good people to enter to your life..Remember that you become like the people you spend your most time with. After that start making goals…write them down and put it on your wall or your wallet , somewhere where you can see it every morning and know what you are focusing on every day .

Tip Number _ lol I lost count..Everyone should also pay attention of their short comings …It’s essential for you to know what areas you need to work on…Everyday take time for yourself , Your me time is so important. try to eat healthier . Be active..even if it means 15 min daily walks…it’s good for your mind , soul and body . Save Money…..The more you save , the more power you have to do the things you want to do in your life..Such as Traveling , buying a house , a better car ….You get the clue.

Stop comparing yourself to other people . Also Don’t let Social Media fool you , No one Highlights their pains or struggles , and try not to spend so much time on there though it’s hard …instead start investing in yourself. Focus on your passions…For me My art is my get a way.Do your passion Consistently .it’s important to get yourself in a good routine . Definitely take care of yourself , Dress well because it makes you feel good & You are also presenting yourself to the world everyday , so be at your best .  Another Tip is to Read , Read and Read some more . I can’t express this enough but Reading is so powerful On another level. You gain so much Knowledge . Many Successful people Didn’t even attend College . So don’t think just going and getting a degree will make you successful  , In the long run you need to make use of your skills. BE you and own  who you are  & go after your dreams. You maybe young or maybe even too old in your own opinion , But  you are never too young nor too old to start living your dreams.  you only get one life .& Always remember people who put you down  is  mainly because they are lacking something inside of themselves  & it shows their true characters , so don’t take it personally & do you . Love every inch of your own being ..and always be grateful for everything you do have currently . Always Count your blessings. & Thank God for everything you do have .THE heart of Gratitude opens doors on another level. Always acknowledge God. There is a higher power  that has your back and your best interest at heart . Always do good in this world. & Definitely be a GIVER……giving back to your community is so vital. YOU feel so much better about your own life when you help someone else…Even opening doors for someone , complimenting someone on something , Giving food to the homeless , giving away your clothes to the needy …. & be a TRUE FRIEND ..loyal and someone people can confine in . And  don’t display to the world about the good deeds you are doing..No one needs to know that ,In the bible it says ….

Give your gifts in private , and your Father who sees everything will reward you . Mathew 6:4

trust me God sees everything you do …and whats on your heart…and you reap your own harvest…Be quick to forgive others and also yourself.  Spend time with those you truly love and care about , and let them know you love them.

Oh and one more thing..Always Value and respect yourself & Never Settle for anything less than what you Deserve .GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT.

ok Guys That’s it for now…I hope this helped .

love you all Tons .Xoxo

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