Top Reasons of why you need to stay away from toxic people!

Hello lovlies,
So today I would like to talk about , Toxic people just like I had promised I would. The reason why I picked this topic is because it has been a very crucial lesson in my life over the years. I don’t know about you but I have always had someone in my circle that would really get me angry or their presence was always just so negative . wether it was family or friends. Over the seasons of my life, I always found those who tried to bring my spirit down or try to intentionally hurt me. I always try to respect others and not to hurt anyone’s feelings because It’s just not who I am. I am not a vicious individual . If I don’t like you ..It’s simple I cut off all connections and that even means sometimes blocking you and deleting on all my social medias as well. Sometimes I don’t even have to not like you , If I even feel hurt by you , Then I will take it in a deeper level , because at the end of the day , I only have a really brief short life here on earth and I do not need any negative energy around me. I love to live my life with people who really bring the best out of me and for me to be able to do the same. I am not the type of person that can just be in a circle of friends or family , and mingle with the negative..Sorry it’s just not going to happen. I rather be alone sipping on my coffee or have a little beach date by myself. I have been at social gatherings where I had been very open of meeting new people , and creating positive friendships, but unfortunately you can’t make everyone like you. There had been a few incidents where I could feel a really bad energy just coming at me across the room, and I don’t know about you all, But I am all about energies and I am a very spiritual soul , who has meditated for years , So I can definitely sense a positive energy and a bad one real quick. We all have that intuition within us but some have it more strong than others because either that’s their natural gift , or they have meditated enough , read books about body language , things people say & etc. (You Get me ) any who for years I used to get sad and cry about why is this person so mean to me or is trying to hurt me , and I used to still try to associate myself with them because I was young and I guess I didn’t know any better. Til as I grew older, I grew thicker skin and I started to protect my heart and speak my mind and do things that made me happy, instead of getting walked over and be around the toxics. I used to think there was things wrong with me but As I have gotten older I have realized that, You can’t know what someone is thinking of you, nor what those people’s issues and insecurities are, Or why they are doing the things that they are doing. and that it has noting to do with you , but to do with them and their state of being. You can either try to squash it like an adult or simply if you really don’t care as much , just walk away…I have also realized that I don’t need to explain myself to anyone nor am I obligated to do so. If I simply don’t want to communicate something or give any kind of reasoning unless it’s really necessary then I can just leave it as that. Ok so this became a really long blog and I really need to cut it short so you can all get an overall benefit of why you need to stay away and do what makes you happy. So let’s get to them.

#1 Toxic people are bad for your soul and well being.

#2 Hanging out with Toxic people will only bring your spirit down , and make you to be in a bad mood .

#3 you will always have drama and have petty conversations with the toxics. sorry but my life is way more valuable than being around that…

#4 when you are really happy , they try to dull it, because Misery loves company..and you are their target.

#5 Some energies just don’t connect..a good energy which means a positive and a good hearted person can never connect with the you ever wonder why evil people get along so well and become a positive unit? haha because negative and negative make positive…Like a math formula…Basically Similar spirits hang out together.

#6 Toxic people are usually really unhappy with their lives, or they just can’t truly be happy for someone else’s happiness , and that they are jealous either of you or of what you have going for yourself . Or I really have No Idea…haha (Basically They have issues) Stay away !!

#7 Sometimes Toxic people are just simply that..TOXIC because that’s all they have been all their lives. So please do yourselves a good favor and stay will gain a lot and lose Nothing. Ignorance Is also a bliss..keep on rising and do what makes you happy and keep growing and elevating , and I think ultimately those are the best revenge in life.

Well hope this helped you all Lovelies..Xoxo…

Sadaf Sadighi


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