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Hi Loves,
So today I want to let you know about all the great benefits of Dead Sea Salt! As most of you know..I have talked about in my previous blog posts about how I have had to deal with Eczema , which is a skin condition due to allergies, and it’s not contagious ! but if it gets infected , then it may be..any who I have had eczema all my life , and it’s a very horrible thing to have. Anyone who deals with it knows what I am talking about.I sometimes have to go to my Dermatologist to get severe healing through Eczema creams ,and even shots. Eczema is definitely not fun. It itches and it gets really red , and if not treated it keeps getting bigger..sometimes it goes away but usually comes back , specially during winter , where it’s really cold, and Summer time…at least those are the seasons that I get it the most. So recently I have had to deal with Eczema again..and its on my left foot…and its very irritated and it had flared up even more for some reason. So yesterday while I was going to take a shower, I noticed that I had made this hand crafted Dead SEA Salt Bath, And something just told me that I Should soak it and try to put my feet in to see if the eczema gets better. And shockingly it did..so then I went on a deeper research on Dead Sea Salt Bath benefits..and here is what I have discovered , and I would like to share them with you…

1.Its great for treating most skin disorders, such as Acne,psoriasis, scabies, and etc.

2.Skin Allergies such as Itching, hives, sores, & rashes.

3.Skin aging : If you want to look younger and prevent aging then put on the mask of Dead sea salt, and it will better your skin naturally. No botox needed you guys 🙂

4. Cellulites : Now we all hate those..and who knew that if you soak your body into the dead sea salt bath..it can improve your Cellulites and also prevent it from happening …Wow that’s what I want to hear..

5.Stress : If you have a lot of stress going on , then please take dead sea salt baths..not only it helps with your stress, but it also relieves you from headache ,irritability , depression & muscle aches.

6.Hair Loss : If you are going through hair loss then put some dead sea salt on your scalp and it improves the circulation and stimulation of hair regrowth.

So I am glad I got to learn all the benefits of this amazing product..because I never thought too deep about it..Hope you all have learned something great Just as Much as I have..Til Next Time..
Sadaf Sadighi

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