Why you should add more Nuts to your diet…

Hi Loves,
Today I like to talk about some of the reasons of why you should eat healthier , and adding Nuts to your diet. Not only do they taste great & are good snacks, But they are also full of Omega 3 fatty acids.They are also rich in Vitamin E , that helps you with having better skin.Nuts can protect your from Heart disease. Nuts also have fiber in them , which means they keep you full, so you don’t have to eat as much.Nuts are amazing for your skin, hair, & nails as well. So here are some of my favorite Nuts ..

1. Raw Cashew : Filled with Iron & Zinc , great for brain power , & it can improve your memory . (Protects against age related memory loss). So yummy.

2. Raw or Natural Almonds : Rich in Vitamin E, Magnesium , & filled with Antioxidants

3. Raw or Natural Walnuts : Great source of brain power booster. Wonderful for your skin . Filled with Omega 3 & Omega 6 Vitamins. Great for those who have type 2 Diabetes.( It can improve their health )

4. Raw or Natural Hazelnut : Filled with Vitamin B, Great for your heart, & filled with manganese & copper . Which Manganese is for bone formation & Copper is needed for Iron.

These were just some of their great benefits , & I usually stick with “Raw or Natural” because it is way healthier , and I don’t want salt or any other flavors added. They all taste great though But Raw and natural is the best and safest to go , If you are really serious about a good diet plan.

Hope this blog post was interesting & informative to you .

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Xoxo…Sadaf Sadighi

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